As an online administrative assistant, or "virtual assistant" you will be doing anything from typing, taking phone calls, transcribing, editing, database management and so on. An online administrative job you will require you to have a computer with a reliable internet connection, fax machine and a phone line that is dedicated to your job only.

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These jobs may require that you do a lot of annoying tasks as well - from filling up the paper trays for the printers to scheduling personal appointments for your superiors, the boundaries for these positions may be constantly changing. A particular personality may be needed for administrative jobs. Not everyone is tolerant enough to jump up and down to get a beverage for clients or put more toner in the copy machine.

Online administrative jobs can pay anywhere from $5 per hour (yes that's right!) to $25 dollars per hour depending on your experience, qualifications and what you are hired to do.

While it isn't easy to find any vacant job positions right now, administrative jobs are always needed and may not always be advertised. Take some time to create a resume that highlights and focuses on your administrative skills. Pick out some local businesses, of all sizes, and pay them a visit. No, they may not be hiring or advertising any possible vacant positions. However, no harm will come from marketing yourself in times of need.  

However, if you don't mind some of the mentioned tasks and have excellent people skills, looking into administrative jobs may be ideal for you.


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