Some of the top employers currently hiring employees to work from home are companies operating telemarketing call centers and contact centers. Traditionally, these companies operated "land based" centers; physical facilities where work was performed. Today however, leveraging advanced technology, many companies now employ representatives working from home. Where in the past it may have been unfeasible, the availability of virtual call center technology, and the widespread use of high-speed Internet access has changed this. Now it's not only feasible, but also advantageous to companies to employ at home workers. Many of the expenses associated with operating a call center are greatly reduced or eliminated when an agent is employed from home. Savings on such things as computers, cubicles and buildings provide huge incentive to companies adopting this business model, and a large variety of real work from home jobs have been created in the process.

Call center jobs rank as one of the most in-demand jobs and careers these days. There is a constant urgency for hiring by emerging call center companies. One does not need to have a Bachelor's degree as a requirement for employment. All it takes is for one to speak fluently and to sound exactly like an American, British, or Australian national. This is because most of these companies cater to English speaking countries such as the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

Call centers jobs are mainly concentrated overseas where telemarketing companies are able to get highly skilled and educated workers at a very reasonable rate. They are able to pay them very good wages at minimal cost to their own bottom line because of the favorable exchange rates.

Call centers jobs have also managed to revitalize and revolutionize the economies of the countries that they have moved into. In countries where the population count is in the billions, offering thousands of good-paying jobs with benefits is something that is very welcome to the economy, the citizens and the government. A burgeoning middle class means a better way of life for thousands of people and more disposable income that can be pumped back into the market, thereby creating a positive economic cycle. Therefore, call centers jobs are clearly an excellent addition to the world's economy.

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